Lin Felton was born in 1958 in Queens; he lives and works in New York. He started tagging the walls of Queens at the age of 10 (taking the name Star10). His fascination for this world started when he saw the metro trains in movement covered in tags. He then changed his name to ? Quik? and signs wherever he can. He is a solitary artist and is not part of any crew.

Close to the theories of Hugo Martinez (UGA) who has pushed graffiti artists to turn to canvas, to expose their works, to consider themselves artists, he started to produce paintings very early in his career. He is socially engaged and his works denounce racial discrimination through his character, Quik. His works refer to his private life and to the art and business world, in a fun and quirky style. After achieving international fame, his works have entered many prestigious collections.

His work are present in the collections of the Museum of the City of New York, Studio Museum of Harlem in New York City, in the Becht Collection in Amsterdam, in the Martin Visser Collection in the Netherlands, of the Herning Kunstmuseum in Denmark, the Groninger Museum, the Helmond Museum in the Netherlands, in the Henk Pijnenburg Collection, the Rudolph Scharpf Collection, the Martin Wong Collection, in the Yaki Korenblit Collection, the Martin Sanders Collection, the Wildenberg Collection, or in the Dieter Weber Collection.